BOOK: Conquering the War Within

Conversations with a WWll RCAF Rear Air Gunner

By Lynda Manson and Marcel Croteau

     PTSD, rejection, abandonment, bullying, alcoholism, reconciliation, redemption, love and enlightenment are some of the themes in this memoir of Canadian Marcel Croteau, a 97 year old highly decorated veteran of the Second World War. After enlisting to be an air gunner in the RCAF Bomber Command from June 1942 to January 1945 he survived an unusual 39 missions. He received many medals and was decorated by King George VI with the Distinguished Medal of Flying for his bravery and accomplishments. Marcel’s engaging, insightful, emotional, poignant sometimes disturbing and often humorous stories recount in extraordinary detail life on the farm, the Great Depression, his education, his enlisting in the RCAF, his war experiences and his return to civilian life. He not only describes in detail his antics, fearlessness, risky behaviour and significant events in his life but he has the ability to articulate the repercussions of a difficult childhood , the personal trauma of his war experience, his subsequent battle with PTSD and finally his road to recovery and spiritual healing.

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